Burger Buddy 2 - Cassette Player + MP3 Player


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  1. L.A. Law - Happy Alteration

  2. The Flytraps - Fujiyama Mama

  3. Da Crime Club Click - Smoka Blunt Or Somethin’

  4. Roya - A Sickness

  5. PMS and the Mood Swings - Only Friend in New York City

  6. Death Valley Girls - Love Spell

  7. Easy Love - I'll Be Fine

  8. The Memories - End Of The World

  9. Flamin’ Groovies - Crazy Macy

  10. The MnMs - I'm Tired

  11. King Tuff - Sun Medallion

  12. Outrageous Cherry - Meet You In the Shadows

  13. Distractor - I'm Mad

  14. Mattiel - Count Your Blessings

  15. Sufis - Anymore

  16. NRBQ - Tapdancin' Bats

  17. Thee Makeout Party! - Slack


Many, many years ago Lee and Sean of Burger Records had a plan to create a cassette player. Not just a cassette player but one that also converted tapes to MP3s. It was a far off dream that seemed to always be just out of reach... UNTIL NOW!!! After countless sleepless nights and too many headaches to count Burger Records is proud to present THE BURGER BUDDY!!!

The first press of the Burger Buddy sold out in weeks so don’t sleep on this 2nd pressing limited to 1,000 cassette players, each housed in a deluxe box with an updated design from artist Luke Thomas (King Tuff, Yves Saint Laurent) that comes with an exclusive cassette compilation featuring L.A. Law, The Flytraps, Da Crime Club Click, Roya, PMS and the Mood Swings, Death Valley Girls, Easy Love, The Memories, Flamin’ Groovies, The MnMs, King Tuff, NRBQ, Thee Makeout Party!, Outrageous Cherry, Distractor, Mattiel and Sufis!!!


Every single one of our players has the ability to convert your Burger tapes (and all your other cassettes) to MP3s and download them straight to your computer!!!


Don't miss out on this magic that's been years in the making cause these bad boys won't last long!!!

The first 100 orders come with a free 3-cassette grab bag.