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Burger Revolution 7 Is Coming!

A WORLDWIDE BURGER EVENT HAPPENING SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 2019 ALL ACROSS THE WORLD!!! This is the annual Burger Records event where YOU are part of the action!!! You can throw a show with any bands you like (doesn’t have to be Burger Bands) and we’ll present it and hype it under the BURGER REVOLUTION banner!!! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!! If you can’t set up a proper show you can have a record listening party with friends or dedicate a set to Burger bands on your radio show – it’s up to you!!! You actually have to book the bands and stuff though, you can’t just request The Garden play your bedroom. If you have ANY questions please email Sean at burgerrecords@gmail.com!!!

Sign up HERE!

645 S. State College Blvd. #A
Fullerton, CA 92831 U.S.A.
Open every day from 11am-9pm