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πŸ” A Message About COVID-19 πŸ”

Hi Burgers,

We’re not going to waste time on an introduction and get right into it. Right now, many of you are out of work/getting close to being out of work, and feeling a pinch now.  It is a scary time for many of us, not just because of COVID-19, but because of the financial impact, lack of security, and fear for the future when all this has passed. 

It’s a stressful shitshow and you might be thinking more about making a living than staying alive right now and that is not fair. Many of us might need aid to help get through this β€œstaycation” we did not ask for.

Please put on your loungewear, wash you damn mitts, stay the fuck home, and check out the below list of resources and ideas, a lot of these are for artists, but we looked for some non-artist resources as well!

Jewish Free Loan Association – You do not have to be Jewish to apply, the organization grants fee-free and interest-free loans to those affected by COVID-19 – LA residents only

If Tending Bar Is Your Job here is a grant for you! 

State By State List of Assistance and Aid

If you work in a restaurant and live in California

Musicians Foundationaccepting aid rant applications

Boston ArtistsBoston Artist Relief Fund

Seattle PeepsCOVID-19 Response Fund

If You Have a Small Business – SBA Disaster Loan might be something you want to look into 

Another List of Artist Emergency Grants and Programs

A Big List For Women ArtistsΒ 

Grammy Musicares

The Rauschenberg Emergency Grants 

If You Are A Freelancer A big list of resources for freelancers

If You Have Student Loan Debt Another resource

Musicians Medical Assistance – and

Guys, this all sucks, let’s try to cut back on the anxiety related to all this by sorting out the stupid life shit so we can all focus on staying healthy (and re-watching season 2 of Mindhunter).

We can’t wait to reopen the shop, set up new dates for canceled shows, and see all of you again.

Until then, stay away from us ya crazies.

– Team Burger